Monday, October 4, 2010

Camping Trip

Ok, I know I'm a total slacker on blogging! I'm going to try to do better!! Last week Kevin was on a well-earned vacation and we decided to take Luke on his very first camping trip! We didn't have really high expectations but I really thought Luke would have a good time. And he ended up having a GREAT time! We went to Lake Ouachita State Park in Arkansas, which is near Hot Springs. Here's a little summary of our trip!

We got there at 11 on Tuesday morning after spending the night in Little Rock. We had bought a new tent and were excited to get it put up. We tried it at our house first and after a little trial and error, we found the tent very easy to set up. We got it up in about 20 minutes while Luke played around the campsite. He was really good about staying right around us. Here's a picture of our new tent!


The tent is really cool, it has 2 rooms but the best part is the "screened in porch" area. We loved sitting in there and being protected from the bugs, especially at night when we had our lantern on. Luke really liked the tent as well.

Here's the view from our campsite!

We spent the first afternoon just hanging around, reading, and playing. We also checked out the playground at the campground, which was very nice. After a fun afternoon we started cooking dinner. We had Polish sausage and corn on the cob. There was a "burn ban" so we had to use the grill. We were pretty disappointed but it was probably for the best because we didn't have to worry about Luke trying to get into the campfire!

Photobucket As you can tell, Luke really liked the ketchup!

We then got showers and put Luke to bed. I was pleasantly surprised because he actually went to bed just as well as he does at home! After he went to bed we read some more and then made smores (my favorite!).

We woke up the next morning and I was surprised to see that Luke slept until 7, which is a bit early for him but he wasn't up with the sun like I expected! We ate breakfast and then got back in the tent under the covers because it was cold!! I was glad I had a sweatshirt! It warmed up quickly and we took Luke to play in the sand and at the playground that morning.



We came back and had lunch and then spent more time playing at the campsite. We bought Luke a new toy lawn mower for the trip and it was put to good use. He also just spent a lot of time walking around and looking at everything. Later that afternoon we drove into Hot Springs and drove around. We ate dinner at Cracker Barrel (roughing it, right?) and Luke at more than I have ever seen him eat in his life. Apparently he really likes Cracker Barrel! We headed back to the tent and put him to bed which was just as easy as the night before!

The next morning we got up at 7:45 and just hung around some more. Around 10 we started packing up and had everything loaded up within an hour or so. It's amazing what you have to take even for a short camping trip! I couldn't have been more pleased with how everything went. I think we have more camping trips in our future!

Here's a picture from our last morning!

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