Friday, July 2, 2010

Catching up!

The last few weeks have been some of the most exciting weeks we've had here in a while. My little man, the love of my life, turned 1 on June 22nd! It was an extra special day because Luke and I share our birthday! I just can't believe that it has already been a year!

The week before the big day Luke decided that crawling no longer suited him, and he's now a full time walker! It still surprises me to see him walk around a corner. He's so small that he looks so funny walking around! Of course knowing how to walk has led to him wanting to walk all the time, he gets annoyed when we try and carry him around, especially at church! He also wants to walk all over our back yard! My mom and I celebrated by taking him to the mall to get "big boy" shoes (his birthday present from my mom), and we got some very cute stride rite shoes. He was just starting to grow out of his size 2's so he got size 3's and even a pair of 4's that looked small. I'm glad he was able to wear the bigger size because they don't really make many good sturdy walking shoes in size 2!

Last Saturday we celebrated the big birthday with a party with family and close friends. It was really fun! Luke was cranky right before people were supposed to come over so we got him to take a nap, which surprisingly he went down well and was able to rest up for his guests! When we brought him downstairs he seemed a bit overwhelmed by all the people but he warmed up pretty well. We had hamburgers and hotdogs as well as the standard cookout sides. Kevin did a great job with the burgers! After we had lunch we opened presents, or should I say that I opened presents while Luke played! He wanted to play with the toys and not give them up to see what was in the next package. So I got to do all the opening. He got some great toys, his favorite being his very own remote and toy cell phone. He also got some cute clothes and a backpack with his name on it! His big presents were a Pottery Barn Anywhere chair from us, a Cozy Coupe car from Kevin's parents, and a wagon from my dad. We have already been on several wagon rides and I have pushed the car around the house numerous times.

After the presents we had cake, and I must say I was kind of dissapointed that he didn't dive into the cake. He mostly just licked the icing. But you could tell he thought the icing was pretty tasty. The cakes were done by Stephanie Price, and they were yummy! We had an elephant for the adults and a lion for Luke (I forgot to mention we had a jungle theme). After the cake we all just hung out and watched the US Soccer game (what a bummer!).

My mom stayed for the week after the party which was so fun! It was the first time she's stayed with us that I haven't just had a baby or was having surgery. We just had the opportunity to hang out together and have fun. We went shopping and went to the zoo, but also just spent a lot of time at my house just enjoying playing with Luke! I was sad to see her go home today.

So since turning 1, my little man has become quite the little toddler. Not just in walking, but he's also becoming more opinionated and independent. He loves to go outside and it's a big ordeal if he doesn't get to go outside when he wants to! He has also really started pointing to what he wants and he keeps pointing until you get it right. He doesn't have many words but he walks around babbling all the time. He can point to his ears, belly, toes, nose (although he prefers to point to my nose), flowers, the dogs, dada, and nana. He occasionally points to me when asked "where's Mamma?" He also just started saying "nanana". I think that's because Nana was here this week!

We stopped nursing the week before his birthday, and I am proud to say we made it a year and never had to buy any formula. He transitioned fully to whole milk the other day and he's doing great with it. We are struggling with getting him to drink milk from anything other than a bottle though. Right now he will drink sips here and there from a sippy or a straw cup but won't take in a whole lot that way. This week I've been giving him a sippy in the morning and afternoon, and a bottle at nap and bedtime. He takes a whole lot more from the bottle than the sippy. I figure we'll keep this routine up a little longer.

Well if you've made it to the end of this I'm impressed! I don't have a lot of time to write so I end up writing one big novel in one sitting!!

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