Friday, April 30, 2010

Well, you gotta start somewhere....

I have decided to start a blog, because I love reading all my friend's (and random people I don't even know) blogs and I have wanted to do one for a long time. I felt like one should be started at some point in time, like a baby's birth or some momentus occasion, but right now we don't have anything that significant going on. So instead I will just update on our lives as they are right now!

Our life as we knew it changed 10 months, one week, and one day ago on June 22, 2009. That was the day our son Luke was born into our lives. He was born into our hearts 10 months prior as we found out we were expecting him. What a joy he is. Being a mom is a joy I couldn't have imagined before he came. I never knew that I could be so content spending the day at home with my little man, or could get so excited over even the smallest little thing he accomplishes. It's definitely not always easy and I sometimes count the minutes until Kevin comes home in the afternoon so I can have a "break" but the hard times are quickly forgotten with one sweet little smile or cuddle.

Over the next few posts I'll recap the past 10 months of our lives, starting now with Luke as a newborn.
Luke was born at 2:24pm, after a very easy labor and delivery. Really it was a very easy pregnancy over all. I felt great the whole time. He's only a few minutes old here.


Luke's official newborn picture


The first month or so was a huge adjustment for us. It was so diffferent to have this little guy controlling what seemed like every bit of my life! He was nursing every 2 hours and sometimes I felt so tied down! If I only knew then how I'd wish I could just sit around and hold my baby all day now!! Some days I feel like I chase him around all day!

This is one of my favorite pictures, he was only a few days old here.


Our little bundle of joy started out small at 5 lbs 11 oz and has stayed pretty small. He left the hospital at 5lbs 4oz, so the first two weeks I worried every time I fed him, afraid he wouldn't gain enough weight. At his 2 week checkup he was 6lbs 4oz, and I relaxed a bit. He has since gained weight steadily, but has remained small. The other day he was 16lbs 2oz, which if you think about it, is almost triple his birth weight, so that's actually pretty normal.

Luke just continues to grow and amaze us every day. The newborn stage was often hard, but looking back on it, I miss it. I feel like I spent too much time saying, "I wish he was older so he'd start playing/interacting/etc" instead of enjoying that wonderful time. I hope that next time I have a child (we want to have a few!) I will enjoy each step, including this demanding newborn time, more.