Saturday, February 19, 2011


Last week Kevin, Luke and I enjoyed an amazing week! Kevin was on vacation and I took last weekend off...and we did absolutely nothing! Well, that's not completely true but for the most part we stayed at home and enjoyed some quality family time. It was so nice to just be at home! I even let the housework slide a little bit :)

Our weekend could have been a little better but Kevin was sick with a nasty cold. The weather was beautiful and I really wanted to get out to the dog park or something but settled for just playing in the yard a lot with Luke. He loves going "outsiiide, outsiiide" and he says it in such a cute way that it just makes you want to get your shoes on and take him out. This spring we are planning to do a flower bed in the backyard and I can't wait to make it look all pretty.

Saturday night Becca and I went out for a girl's night. It was so nice to sit around and chat with a dear friend- I have missed getting to do that! We talked for 3 hours, mostly about our kids!

Monday was my big 20 mile training run for the marathon, which is in 2 weeks!! I can honestly say I felt great until about mile 16, and then I was feeling more of an "are we done yet?" kind of feeling. But the last half mile I was able to pick up the pace and finish strong, so I was proud. I rewarded myself with an ice bath afterwards, and boy did that hurt! After a few minutes though my body went numb and I really felt like it paid off the next day. I had no soreness and felt pretty good!

Tuesday we took advantage of the wonderful weather and took Luke to the zoo. Kevin hadn't been there in a while and he was impressed with how much Luke gets into the zoo. He loves naming the animals and telling us what sounds they make. We also let him walk most of the visit, which was a first. He was exhausted when we got home and took a 3 1/2 hour nap!

Thursday we went to the Children's museum. As we pulled up we noticed several school buses parked to the side- and got a little worried! There was a HUGE school group there, and the place was loud and crowded. But Luke is a tough little guy and didn't seem too bothered by all the kids going wild all around him! I did have a "momma bear" moment when this kid wanted to sit on him because he was sitting where she wanted to be. But he never seemed to notice. I just love taking him to the Children's Museum though. I just let him roam free and I just follow him and let him do his own thing.

We had such a great week, I was so sad to return to work Friday. One of the bonuses of the week was that Luke got to spend tons of time with Kevin and you could tell he had become a bit more attached to him! There were times he preferred Kevin over me, which I actually thought was pretty cool. I wish we could both be home all the time!

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